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 +This is an official communication providing instructions for verifying ​
 +Ján Stanček'​s Sun credentials.
 +Steps to view the Sun credentials Ján Stanček has authorized ​
 +Sun to verify to you:
 +1.Click on the URL link below
 +2.A web-browser window will open 
 +3.Enter the authorization code provided below
 +4.Agree to the privacy policy terms by checking the box
 +5.Click the "​submit"​ button
 +6.The authorized credential verification for Ján Stanček will be displayed.
 +The URL and Authorization Code are specific to this credential verification and will expire.
 +URL: https://​i7lp.integral7.com:​443/​durango/​status?​key=jsNqPbYAYkSLgkbqyGeS\\
 +Authorization Code: KKLhLeds\\
 +available for viewing until 10/​01/​2010\\
 +For more information about the Sun credential program, ​
 +go to http://​education.oracle.com
 +Sun Credential Verification Service is Powered by the 
 +Integral7 Credential Bureau (www.integral7.com).
 +Powered by the Integral7 Credential Bureau (www.integral7.com)
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