Old programming

Here are few projects I made. They look pretty funny nowadays :-), but back then I enjoyed working on them. You can see larger picture if you click on one. Also some projects has links to executables and sources.


OpenGL screen saver, showing the reception room from Half-life game. Camera is flying across the room around Barney and Scientist, who are working behind computer on something important (the alarm is on). Written in MSVC 6.


mkQt - Malove krizovky - griddlers (japanese puzzle)

This is a solver for griddlers, written in C++ with various front-ends - written using MSVC 6, Qt, or as CGI webpage. The last version is quite fast, only few mili-seconds are needed to solve picture.

malovanekrizovky54.zip mkqt.zip

m52x expression editor/evaluator

One of my first apps I was payed for. You can edit some mathematical expression and this expression will be evaluted for signals present in M52X digital osciloscope application and displayed as a new signal.


Another japanese puzzle game. You need to draw rectangles around numbers, so that the number of cells used for rectangle is the same as the cells, which contain the number in it.

sikaku_bin.zip sikaku_src.zip

Fakturka 3.1

One of my first applications, but still used in real-life :-). You can fill in simple form and print it. You load/save and search among forms and that's it. 60kb of source code is behind this masterpiece written in old Borland C++ 3.0.


Fakturka 4.0

Not very successful version 4, for windows. Customer (yes, one), likes DOS version. Anyway version 4 was good training for MVC and MSVC 6.


School project, displaying various fractals, which you can zoom and you cal also tune some settings. This one was created in Delphi (Object Pascal).



A clone for program formik. You supply image, select regions for text fields and then enter some data and program will print those data in position you marked. Usefull for printing to existing forms. For this one I tried Borland C++ Builder.


Fractal compression

Application I created for my diploma thesis about fractal compression. Written in Delphi (Object Pascal). The compression ratios were quite good compared to JPEG, but time of compression was significantly higher.


Flag physics

OpenGL demo, where I experimented with some spring physics. I was on my way to implement some kind of numerical integration, based on Runge-Kutha, but didn't get to it. This seems to be needed for tough springs, otherwise it blows up and start oscilate.


Application displaying some XML data from net as few graphs/popups/hints.

Lode Runner

Remake of my favotire Didaktik game. AI sucks, but otherwise it's quite nice :-).


Perhaps my first game I ever wrote. You are in labyrint full of creatures and you must find gold and bring it home. You can kill the create if you fidn a sword, but you can use only one sword to kill one creature.

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